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Avoiding condensation problems in your home

Have you ever noticed water droplets on your window or black staining on the drywall of your walls?


Have you ever wondered why the moisture returns around your windows after you have wiped it away?


This type of moisture is from the interior air and is commonly referred to as "condensation".


Chances are, this will not create a problem during the summer months when your windows are open and the outside air temperature is warm.  However, when the falls begins and we close our windows that is when the problems begin.


The Homeowner Protection Office offers information on what condensation is and how to prevent it from happening in your home.  Get answers to questions such as:


-  what is condensation and how does it form in my home?


-  what are the sources of moisture in my home?


-  why must I avoid condensation problems?


-  what should the indoor temperature and humidity levels be?


-  how do I avoid condensation problems?


-  how do I deal with presistent condensation problems?


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